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The Freight Lift Guy offers 5 turnkey solutions for your facility 


From both hydraulic and vertical lifts to mezzanines to guarding and handrails, our team of experts can help increase the efficiency of your Supermarket. Take the stress out of moving your groceries. 

Retail Backroom

From a disorganized and inefficient backroom to a fully-functioning and highly efficient multi-level facility. Our technicians can turn even the smallest of spaces into a high-functioning and efficient work environment.


From parts to complete vehicles, our lifts can take the hassle out of moving even the heaviest of materials. Our Heavy-Duty Lifts are the ideal solution to your automotive moving needs.

Distribution Center

The primary goal of a distribution center is to operate efficiently and safely, our technicians can help your facility go beyond that. From lifts to mezzanines, to guarding and handrails, our team can help you increase efficiency and keep your employees safe.


From storage units large and small, our team of experts can help your customers move their materials safely and quickly to make moving in and out easy.
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